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Reactel's product line includes filters, diplexers, multiplexers, and sub-assemblies covering the frequency range of DC to 50 GHz.

We are a leader in the RF and Microwave field, and have been satisfying customers since 1979. Since 1996, we have been ISO-9001 certified, and pledge to deliver high quality units, which satisfy the customer's requirements.

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High Powered Notch
Reactel model number 7R6-269-X17S11 is a narrowband high power notch filter. The center of the notch is 269 MHz with a nominal 3 dB bandwidth of 16 MHz. Passband Insertion loss is less than 0.3 dB, notch depth is 85 dB while power handling capability is 100 W CW. This dynamo is housed in a package only 1.5" x 1.15" x 3.5", and is suitable for extremely rugged conditions.

Other frequency options are available, so contact us with your exact requirement.

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Wireless Filters

LTE 700 Bandpass Filter (CF = 701 MHz) AWS Ceramic Diplexer
716 MHz LTE Bandpass Filter AWS Receive Band Filter
731 MHz LTE Bandpass Filter AWS - BAS CoSite Mitigation Filter
LTE 700 Bandpass Filter (CF = 751.5 MHz) CDMA Band Transmit Filter
LTE 700 Fullband Bandpass Filter (CF = 752 MHz) E-GSM Diplexer
770 MHz LTE Bandpass Filter E-GSM - 900 Ceramic Bandpass Filter
LTE 700 Fullband Bandpass Filter (CF = 781.5 MHz) Amplified GSM Diplexer
LTE 700 Upper Block C (Channel 13) Diplexer GSM - 1800 Ceramic Bandpass Filter
LTE 700 / 850 Cell Band Diplexer GSM-R - 900 Ceramic Bandpass Filter
2.4 GHz Band Diplexer GSM - 900 Ceramic Bandpass Filter
5.8 GHz Band Diplexer PCS Fullband Diplexer
AMPS Fullband Diplexer PCS Fullband Receive Filter
AMPS Fullband Receive Filter PCS / Cellular Band Diplexer
AWS Fullband Diplexer  
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Ceramic Filters

General Ceramic Filters Ceramic GPS Filters
1400 MHz Ceramic Bandpass Filter 5550 MHz Ceramic Bandpass Filter
Monoblock Ceramic Filters  
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Iridium Filters

Iridium Bandpass Filter - Airborne Iridium Bandpass Filter - Commercial
Iridium Notch Filter  
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WiFi Filters

Wi-Fi Narrowband Bandpass Filter Wi-Fi Wideband Bandpass Filter
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GPS Filters

Narrowband GPS Bandpass Filter GPS Dual Filter
Wideband GPS Bandpass Filter Ceramic GPS Filters
Narrowband GPS Notch Filter GPS Dual Passband Cavity Filter
Wideband GPS Notch Filter GPS Dual Passband Notch Cavity Filter
Wideband GPS LC Notch Filter L1, L2, L5 Triplexer
Wideband GPS L2 Notch Filter GPS L1 & L2 Ceramic Diplexer
GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS & BeiDou Notch Filter GPS L1 & L2 Bandpass Filter with DC Path
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High Power Lowpass Filters

5LX6-X30N11 - High Power HF Band Lowpass Filter 6PL6-X335-N11 - 335 MHz Lowpass
7PL6-X75-N11 - 75 MHz Lowpass 6PL6-X500-N11 - 500 MHz Lowpass
6PL6-X30-N11 - 30 MHz Lowpass 5PL4-X700-SC11 - 700 MHz Lowpass
6PL6-X45-N11 - 45 MHz Lowpass 5PL4-X1010-SC11 - 1010 MHz Lowpass
6PL6-X115-N11 - 115 MHz Lowpass 5PL4-X1400-SC11 - 1400 MHz Lowpass
6PL6-X150-N11 - 150 MHz Lowpass 5PL4-X2G-SC11 - 2 GHz Lowpass
6PL6-X220-N11 - 220 MHz Lowpass 6PL4-X3G-SC11 - 3 GHz Lowpass
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Miscellaneous Filters

Ultra Narrowband Notch Filter 161 MHz Filter for Positive Train Control Systems
Flat Pack Filters 219 MHz Filter for Positive Train Control Systems
UHF Bandpass Filter Tactical Common Data Link Diplexer
700 MHz Public Safety / 700 MHz Commercial Cellular Notch Filter VHF Notch Filter
18 – 40 GHz Highpass Filter 1002 MHz Lowpass Fitler for MoCA Certification
2 – 6.16 GHz Bandpass Filter 1225 MHz Lowpass Fitler for MoCA Certification
6 – 18.16 GHz Bandpass Filter 1350 MHz Highpass Fitler for MoCA Certification
VHF Triplexer Compact L-Band Diplexer
Terminated Diplexer NPSPAC Public Safety Notch Filter
Wideband L-Band Diplexer Extremely Narrowband 70 MHz IF Bandpass Filter
GSM-R Bandpass Filter for European Train Control Systems  
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