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Why are there so many filter companies in Maryland?

That is a question we get all of the time.  What is it about Maryland that attracts the greatest concentration of filter knowledge - Blue crabs, the fabulous Eastern Shore, Fishers popcorn?  A recent article in Microwave Journal investigated this subject, and the answer is not as complex as you might think.  Give it a read. Made in Maryland: Filter Lore from Gaithersburg to the Eastern Shore

How wide can you go?

We often get asked about how wide a filters bandwidth can be made.  Typical filter technologies are limited to approximately 75% BW or so.  For applications where ultra wide percent bandwidths are required, you would need more than a typical filter.  The best filter choice for bandwidths in the 150% range would be a design utilizing Suspended Substrate Technology (SST).  Using SST, achieving passbands from 2 to 18 GHz or 18 to 40 GHz and beyond are entirely possible.  If you have ultra wide bandwidth requirements, please contact us and we will show you how well SST will work for you.

We have an App for that.....

We are sure there are times when you are in a meeting and the topic of filters comes up when reviewing a potential system design.  In those instances, fast answers are needed as to what is and is not possible.  We can help you with getting those answers in as little as a few minutes.  We have created an app for both Apple and Android whereby you can enter your specifications and we will reply with a simulation in as little as 30 minutes. This is not a filter specification tool that you may be used to where you get an approximation of your desired filter.  The information we will send to you is from an actual design with true engineering horsepower behind it, not a guess from a generic computer program. 

You can download our app from the following locations:

Google Play for Android devices

iTunes Store for Apple devices

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