Connectors & Power

A recent customer asked about connector options for a filter we were building.  Reactel can use most any connector a customer needs on the filters and multiplexers we build.  Generally speaking, however, the choices become a little more limited when operating at high power levels.  This brief discussion will assume a quality built connector from a reputable manufacturer.  Using extremely low cost connectors of questionable quality will lead to inconsistent results.

A general rule of thumb would be as follows:

  • Up to 100 W: K, SMA, TNC, Type N, HN, 7-16 DIN
  • Up to 500 W: TNC, Type N, HN, 7-16 DIN
  • Up to 1 kW: Type N, HN, 7-16 DIN
  • In excess of 1 kW: HN, 7-16 DIN

A simple explanation of what would cause a connector failure at power involves the inability to handle elevated current levels and dissipation of the heat generated by that current.  There are other factors including frequency, altitude, heat-sinking and materials used that are a little too involved for this post.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.