First Blog Entry – a blog post about blog posts

Hi, I’m Jim Assurian, Business Development Engineer at Reactel, Incorporated.  I have been with Reactel as an Engineer since 1991 and before that I held a variety of manufacturing positions here.  My hopes are that this space will be informative and somewhat interesting – at least as interesting as Filters, Multiplexers and Multifunction Assemblies allows me to be.

I will cover a variety of topics, not necessarily all of them technical though they will certainly lean in that direction.  During the course of my day, should an interesting topic come to mind, I’ll likely end up writing about it.  However, what is interesting to me may not be interesting to you, so feel free to ask me to discuss a particular item or issue.  My primary goal is to educate you about the challenges of filter design and open a dialogue about this backbone of communication systems.

Lastly, it should be stressed that these opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Reactel, Incorporated.  Feel free to reach out to me –