Multifunction Assemblies

Reactel has a long history of manufacturing Multifunction Assemblies. From Switched Filter Banks to Amplified Filters and Diplexers to Iso-Filter Assemblies, we can produce the design that can satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Switched filter banks combine any number of our filters with the proper switch to provide a superior performing unit in a compact, lightweight package.

Similarly, a Reactal filter is combined with the appropriate amplifier or isolator to produce the desired amplified filter, diplexer or iso-filter assembly.

Reactel’s multifunction assemblies offer the convenience of a single package performing multiple tasks. The benefits are many as all elements of the multifunction assembly are tuned together to offer the best possible VSWR matching, provide the lowest possible insertion loss, eliminate costly cable runs and reduce overall size when compared to individual components.

Please contact the factory for assemblies designed to your unique requirement.